Long term plans - costs?

Congratulations on a great platform.

I downloaded the Android App, connected a Pi and followed the steps. All setup without a hitch.

My questions are:
What is the long-term life of the project?
Are there data limits?
How many devices can a single user install?
Are there plans to charge for the cloud access? or for a premium service above some set limits?
If the network or cloud is down for any reason, is data stored on the Pi till it reconnects?
Are there any guarantees given on a users data?
Is there a way to download a .csv file of data for a user to maintain their own backup?

Thank you


bump, can someone get an answer to this. I want to use this for a large project consiting of 500 plus devices but dont want to pull the trigger unless i know if its open source or game plan.

@rick1 @cunninghamb505 Hey guys, I didn’t forget about this. I have not answered yet because I need to make sure the entire Cayenne team is on board with the answers. These are very good questions :slight_smile:


Hi guys!
Found following regarding the prices.

Yikes, that link should have been dead. That was the pricing on an older product before we launched Cayenne…but nice fine find @markus.schmiederer :slight_smile:

We have not came out or decided on any pricing for Cayenne at this time. That link will likely not be accessible after some time once we kill the page. Sorry about this everyone! Our mistake…


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@bestes are you planning to open-source any parts of dashboards?

Also, If I have proprietary devices, how can I connect them to Cayenne?
When are you expecting to put out pricing for using Cayenne?

Thank you.

Keen to know all this as well - have commercial projects waiting in the wings and this will work nicely if the pricing fits!

@tim2, Yep so we have been stealthily working on some VERY big integrations that will add to the business use cases that can be used with Cayenne. I hesitate saying anything regarding pricing without it being finalized yet. I can tell you that the product will always be free to our makers & developers, but for our Cayenne business users, it will be a very affordable price point and you will get access to more powerful features that we are developing :slight_smile:



Please keep the costs low - there are “little guys” like us that wont be deploying 10,000+ devices and find cayenne offers pretty much what we need at the current feature set!

So many IoT players have “everything but the kitchen sink” feature sets and they put the device price so far out of reach we cant get things to market for small niche markets that can benefit!

So if you are a developer with your own software company, which camp do you fall into?
Be good to see some pricing soon.

Sorry for waking up this old thread. I’m also interested in pricing information.

Haha, not to worry.

We are more focused on pushing out some cool new features right now than coming up with a pricing plan, good news for you :slight_smile:

The pricing plan should be inexpensive enough and there will always be free version. Once we have some ‘rough draft’, we’ll be getting feedback from the community first too.



Any updates or more information on this? Trying to decide if this platform is right for us and the unknowns and feeling of “there’s got to be a catch” are a big deterrent


Hi, Any change since november 2017?
I would like to use this plategform but I won’t use a plateforme if there is a possibility that the price would change at any giving time from free to a plan price… So what are your price

there are no current plans on pricing, but there will be always a free version of it available.

How long can you use your free account?
What are the restrictions on a free account?

Free account doesn’t have a time restriction. You are limited by the rate limit but otherwise has no restrictions.

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