Cayenne system off the air

Hello Adam,
I am not able to access my Cayenne since this morning, it returns me system message offline. My devices appear in the gray dashboard. Are we in trouble, I rebooted, but it did not work, thank you !!!

Hello Sir,
Mine dashboard looks that works without a problem. Maybe it was some kind of problem for a while. Can you report again if everything works? Sometimes is not necessary to have problems in the platform. I have seen that my internet provider in the early morning is making some kind of refresh and I have lost connection which is so so frustrating! :slight_smile:

Good Morning,
Thank you for your attention to the speed of the answers, come on, yesterday my system went back to operation for a few hours, but soon in the morning when I consulted I verified the occurrence again. I have 2 cayenne beads running on two distinct boards and only one of them has this problem,
thank you!!!

Hello Sir,
Have you checked the connection of the Raspberry?


My RPI shows also offline.

There is a internet connection

I have 3 devices, and only 1 shows offline.

Kind regards

This is very strange!

From 24 hour my arduino is offline. I reset the board but it still off-line.
It’s very strange, because if i click on chart details the temp sensor is update , but in dashboard none.
Example temp in chart ( live now ) is 22 °Celsius now , but in dash board is 26.3 °Celsius update at 17 of yesterday.

I changed DNS to Google DNS, and now my RPI is back online. However i rebooted a couple of times before it showed online.

Why the data in details&chart is update but in dashboard none. If the problem is internet connection ( DNS ) It did not have to function in either case.

Somebody in the community report that this case might be from the engine that browser use. Could you check with other browsers ?

i’m using safari and iOS app. The problem is on both.

However after a lot of reset , it’s now on-line.

But Arduino has always kept sending data to Cayenne. It must be a bug of dashboard.