Cayenne TV-B-Gone

About This Project

Continuing on with the nuisance project theme, I have coerced the TV-B-Gone code to work with Cayenne. Wasn’t as easy as I’d have hoped, but it’s good now.

The plan was to create this with the cheap ESP modules with sleep function and hide them wherever you want in the world, but the original code base is AVR dependent and needs to be cooked down some more. There is an IR library for the ESP that I have been able to compile, but the raw structure doesn’t seem to be compatible - more testing is required.

The Code
CayenneTVBGone101_.log (22.2 KB)

What’s Connected

I wanted to build something with the Arduino Uno and Wifi101 shield anyway, so that is what I used here with a switching transistor driven by I/O to give the IR LED the current it needs. The device can still be triggered locally by shorting a pin momentarily to ground, and another jumper can be enabled to send the EU codes. If you are in the EU, you will want to comment out the NA codes and enable the EU ones. I cut some of them out to save space.

Triggers & Alerts

No triggers yet, but it is possible to have multiples of these units trigger off one dashboard button. evil laugh


No, but again, could be used very nefariously :wink:

Dashboard Screenshots

Pretty simple.

Photos of the Project

Innocuous looking potted plant :-}

The guts