Integrating ATMEGA32

Hi, I am new to the Cayenne community and I would like to know if you can integrate ATMEGA32 micro controller because it has a lot of GPIO pins.

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Hi @tempmail.temp,

Welcome to the Cayenne community.

We’re currently working on opening up an API that would allow you to bring to Cayenne any board you desire.



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I have a board that can relay or trigger any API you’ve got! :wink:

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So- how’s that goin?
I’m still trying to make a teeny Esp-12e IoT 4 input, 2 output…
waiting on a slow boat from China.
Should be in the mail any week now…

Hey @HighTech,

It’s going! We’re actually making good progress. Promise to keep you updated :slight_smile:

ESP12-e (and devices like it) are DEFINITELY the future of IoT. Whoever gets a handle on IoT first- WINS!

Sofar, the only company I’ve seen offer a “proper” IoT device has been .
All the other stuff- meh.
WiFi is DEFINITELY the way…
The only thing I see that needs to “be” on Cayenne is- local server/LAN. My new home cannot get internet access (well, perhaps satellite). No telephones, cellphones, no radio, no TV. It’s an RF dead zone.

My new home won’t get green tagged until probably February or March next year. The roof trusses are being put up this week. I JUST got the perimeter walls and 2 lateral walls built.

This home will be an IoT showplace. It gonna be stoopid full of electronics! Alternative powered, off grid, high tech!

My ESP12-e devices came in yesterday- Ten of’em!