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Hi @vapor83, @shramiksalgaonkar, @laurencehr, and @ognqn.chikov, is me again. I need a little help, I setup a Witty board on Cayenne, make a widget, I did the trigger, and the ifttt. I upload the sketch and It’s online, fine. But when I tried to run and push the button from my device to get a sms on my cell phone, it doesn’t work, I tried to do from the dashboard, and it works, my question is: What is I’m doing wrong with this? Why works from the dashboard, and doesn’t work from the device if it is online?. Thank you, and sorry to bother you guys.



this device is button connected to witty board or mobile app button?
if from a button connected to witty board then:
are you able to read the button state on the board and can you see the state change on your cayenne dashboard?


Hi @shramiksalgaonkar the button is connected to witty board D1, and yes, when I pushed the button, the cayenne dashboard show that it was pressed, but don’t send any sms from the trigger to my cell phone.
Thank you


Weird. I just tried what your describing and it worked both ways. I know there were issues with the triggers but not sure if thats still going on. From what you described there shouldn’t be any reason for it to not work both ways. I’m trying a couple things, standby.


Can you set up email alerts too, just to make sure it’s not an SMS problem? I know the mobile phone format can be a bit weird, especially for numbers outside the USA.


Ya doesn’t sound like there are any system issues in regards to what your trying to do. Try the email alerts like @adam suggested and see if that works.


Ok @vapor83 thank you, I will try.