Cayenne Widgets Triggering my RPi on its own

Hi, I have cayenne BYOT in my Rpi, the problem is that it keeps receiving commands from my widgets even though I did not even clicked/used it. And also, even though my Rpi says it is connected to cayenne, my dashboard says its offline. This online - offline thing did not happen just this once tho, it happened many times before, but i did not made big deal on it as it comes back to normal operation after a couple hours. But this time, not only it has been 8 hours past, Cayenne are now triggering Widgets on its own and Controlling my Rpi.

The Rpi with installed Cayenne, not BYOT, is working just fine. Can you help me?

PS. You haven’t made SKYNET, did you?

EDIT: i just figured out that I had one Arduino that is hooked up to a sensor, the arduino uses triggering events, and that’s what’s causing the control from Cayenne to my RPi. So it is now NOT triggering on its own.

The problem is that it is triggered when my RPi (BYOT) says it is connected to cayenne, but browser says offline. help

HI @xkid2023,

I promise we have not made SKYNET – when we get there you can turn on the news to look for us :slight_smile:

I am having a bit of trouble following where things stand with your edit, and whether there is still an issue, and exactly what that is.

It sounds like you have a Raspberry Pi (connected via the MQTT API rather than the Cayenne Pi Agent) on your account. Is the (current) issue that it’s showing as ‘Offline’ when it should not be?

HI @rsiegel, the issue have been resolved by bestes.

It was the “RPi says connected but Cayenne says no” event. i meant the dashboard was offline.

It was resolved here BYOT broken - Step2 waiting for board connect

As for that SKYNET thing, haha, I thought the Cayenne is controlling my RPi, turns out one of the arduino sensor connected to Cayenne is Triggering pins on my RPi via if-then triggering feature in Cayenne.

ill posting my project soon.
Thanks for the reply!