CayenneLPP payload issue : Sensor Name doesn't match with Data Type

Hi there,

I’m using a node based on micropython with a CayenneLPP payload with ChirpStack.

The CayenneLPP payload is perfectly decoded by ChirpStack itself.

But on my cayenne.mydevices data screen the “Sensor Name” doesn’t match with the “Data Type”.

Example : “Sensor Name” Barometer (1) - “Data Type” GPS

Values are ok, but I can’t display these values with a widget.

I’ve tried with another CayenneLPP encoder, it’s the same result.

Here is the hex string for the CayenneLPP payload ‘0171ffcafff903f20165002d02650061017327e801685a016700f90188000000000000ffe4c7026700ec’

Any suggestion welcome,

Many thanks,

you are using channel 1 for more than one data. Each widget should have unique channel number.

Hi Shramik,

Many thanks for your advice, it works !