Lgt-92 and cayenne/mydevices

Hi there,
I tried to get cayenne working with my lgt92 but the payload is not decoded and nothing appears in the mydevices Dashboard.
Behind the payload nothing is shown in the TTN console.
I integrate the mydevices in TTN and the Cayenne lpp as payload Decoder as well.
My tracker has a deactivated motion sensor to save airtime that is different to stock-version.
Does anyone know how to get my lgt92 working with mydevices?
Do I need a custom payload decoder?
Thanks for Support

you will first need to get the payload on TTN. Find out what is the issue here. Once done, your payload must be cayenneLPP format. Cayenne Docs

The payload itself of course is shown but it is not decoded.
So I have to write a decoder myself?
What is Cayenne lpp good for?

is your payload in cayenneLPP format? PM me your devEUI i will check if the received data is valid or not.

Meanwhile it worked fine so far.
The problem was that I deactivated the motion sensor to make the payload and airtime smaller.
After activate it again, it works.
Thanks Shramik