Chained triggers

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I have a trigger to turn on the heater for my hot tub at a certain temperature.
I also have a trigger to turn on the pump when the heater comes on.
The heater relay triggered but the pump did not.

I hooked everything up last night and it’s been triggering fine all day.
Then I noticed a hiccup just now while monitoring it.

Is there a better way to minimize misfires like this?
If I just create two triggers, one for the heat & one for the pump to turn on & off at the same temp would that be better?

Also, there is a pressure switch on the heater so it won’t start until the pump is running so there is no danger of bad things happening other than my hot tub getting cold.


Hi again @nitrogenwidget ,

Actually, you sent up your chained triggers exactly as I would have set them up…

  • When temp. < 98 degrees F, then turn on heater.
  • When heater turns on, then turn on pump.

That sequence really should be misfiring. Is it possible that the pressure switch would have affected this trigger from running? For example, if the pressure switch keeps the heater from actually turning on since the pump is not on.


I have them on separate ss relays.
Heater relay provides power to one side of the heater contactor trigger and the pressure switch supplies the other side.
The pump relay provides power to the pump solenoid and when the pump runs it provides the pressure to engage the flow switch and we have heat.
I did it this way to have more control over everything.

But i have other problems.
after 4 or 5 hrs my temp sensors go offline (every temp is 32F) and things on the dash go “unreachable” even though the rpi is still able to be ssh’d into.
after I reboot, all is ok.

I have 3 dallas sensors and read a sketchy power supply can cause that.
so i grabbed the one i bought for my rpi 3 and testing that.

So new power brick = rpi stayed up for 24hrs.
but hot tub is empty.

I drained one last time to clean but my garden hose is frozen and can’t refill it until it thaws to test further. :slight_smile:

So it appears when whatever causes my rpi’s ram usage hits mid to upper 90’s triggers don’t run right.

So to test this i’ve set a trigger to reboot my rpi when memory usage hits +75%

I wonder if this is related to my MQTT script not working? I’ll take a look…