Chart widget option not available

Hi All,
I have a LoRa RAK 7204 sending data into a cayenne dashboard via TTN. All appears OK, except for a few oddities - which may be known limitations…

  • I have a barometer and an air pressure widget, but in their settings there isnt an option to show it as a chart… but there is for temperature.

  • If I click the chart button on the barometer widget there is not data available for this period but it has been running for over 24 hours with 10 minute interval - I know there is.

  • Am I able to add duplicate widgets? I’d like to show current temp, humidity and air pressure, as well as charts.

How do I make this dashboard available for others to see. Is there a public link?

Welcome K-Mart,
The only way I know to do a widget and chart is to use 2 virtual channels with
the same feed, one for each.

By creating a project you can share your dash.

Someone else needs to chime in on the first 2 questions.

for this can you private message me your email_id and devEUI.

this is not possible as the dashboard creates widgets to the payload that the device is sending.

on the cayenne dashboard, there is a plus sign to create a new project. Add the widgets you want to share to this project dashboard and get the sharable link by clicking on sharing