Charts, refresh button, smaller icons on Android

  • Device & model you are using: Sonoff custom firmware ESP8266 with temp/humidity sensor
  • What dashboard are you using? Web and Android


  • on Android:

    • cannot make my personal alignment of icons on application (is automatically changing the position on the other icons)
    • cannot make the icons smaller to get more values on the screen
    • on temp chart (using separate virtual channel only for temp chart) do not shows the last minute and neither hour or day as is should be until current time … but show whatever wants (sometimes, shows only last minute for 4 times or 3 times and previous minute once)
    • from code is sent the info every 30 seconds but was every 10 sec in first trial.
  • on Web

    • seldom is not reacting to button - workaround was to refresh page
    • on charts (using special virtual channel for temp chart) cannot download all the times the custom timing period

thanks for updates or upgrades.


you can try creating you own app using

you can click on the chart and have a more informative chart which allows you to check the history and live data.

can you provide more details on this, as it is working fine at my end.


For Android issue see attached screen shots.

Related button … see attached for Android either…


When you click on chart you get more detailed chart