Community Help with my project

I have an account on and I have defined a Dragino LSN50-v2-S31 sensor. Connection is ok. data is receiving every one minute on But I try to connect sensor-data to Cayenne but not succesful.
I have a message on cayenne “waiting for live data”

In query the message as follow
WHERE created_at >= 1619184560000 AND ( device_id = ‘6fca99f0-a436-11eb-a2e4-b32ea624e442’ OR device_id = ‘6fca99f0-a436-11eb-a2e4-b32ea624e442’ OR sensor_id = ‘70958b10-a436-11eb-883c-638d8ce4c23d’ ) ORDER BY “created_at” desc

Do I wait for along time or, there is a connection/configuration problem. Thanks for your helps…

which stack version are you using?

Dear Shramik, firsly thanks for your helps.
Dragino I/O Sensor LT-22222-L succesfully registered and received data/Observation
Dragino Air temperature sensor LSN50 v2-S31 registered but not receiving data,
Dragino RS485-LN sensor registered bu not receiving data


Dear Shramik,
I have a new question. I have registered Dragino LT-22222-L by the platform and I have received data on Cayenne account. Is works very well. But I remove the device and registered on chirpstack platform and integrated with cayenne, but I don’t have the data on the Cayenne.

Thanks for your helps.

if you check on the top right corner, the network is Ackilo. you need to add the device by first selecting the network as chirpstack and then searching for the device.