Cloud connection

Maybe i have a wrong understanding on how Cayenne works. My understanding is, that Cayenne automatically connects my Raspberry Pi (Modell3) to the Cloud so i can see Values like Ram,CPU etc. from everywhere. When i look at the Android App it seems to be ok (except “Processes”; it is “loading” permanent). When i open my Dashboard in Browser i only see a (maybe valid) Value at the Temp of CPU.

Should it also be possible to Connet Remote to my Pi from the Browser when im not in the same WiFi Network?

You definitely should be able to see your Raspberyy Pi from anywhere in the world. You can see values and even remotely control and remote access into it… you can even add sensors, actuators, motors and lights and then mix and match that device with any other microcontroller, sensor or SBC. i am sure one of the tech guys will connect with you to see what the problem is…

Hey @knubbl

You have it pretty much spot on, once the Cayenne agent is installed on your Pi, associating it with your Cayenne account, you should be able to view the Pi values you’ve mentioned as well as any added sensor data/widgets from any of the web dashboard or mobile apps.

There may be slight discrepancies in how things display on mobile vs web, but you shouldn’t be missing the bulk of data on the web, or having any stuck widgets like you’ve mentioned on mobile. Do you mind sharing your credentials via PM so I can investigate? You can reset the password if you’d like first via this form:

As far as the Remote Access feature, yes it should work outside of your local wifi network, it makes a secure VNC connection over the internet, but this broke on fresh installs of Raspbian OS with PIXEL, and we’re working to resolve that bug. For whatever reason, it works OK if you’re on an older install of Raspbian that’s been upgraded to the PIXEL UI – something about the fresh install breaks it. I’ll update on this forum when we have a fix for that in place.