Compatibility issues with Blynk

Hello, I would like to warn the people in charge of Cayenne.
The libraries you are using includes references to Blynk libraries and you are using an uotdated version of them.
So if someone tries to install Cayenne´s libraries with Blynk´s libraries will mess with all the compilation process and will be imposible to make it work.
Please fix this… I had to remove the entire cayenne´s libraries to be able to use blynk app.

Hi Pablo,

We’re referencing Blynk libraries in some of our sketches that were tested at the time of release with our platform. We’re not affiliated with Blynk themselves so the intent is to only update periodically when changes are validated with our platform, not theirs.

In the longer run we’re planning to move away from Blynk references entirely so this issue will resolve itself in the future. Until then if you plan to use both it may require some juggling of libraries. It might be easier to keep a 2nd IDE install with its own libraries for each platform to avoid this as well.

Hi @pabloeweb,

I have both the latest Blynk and the Cayenne libraries installed for the Ardunio IDE and don’t have any issues with my compiles.

Cayenne was installed first, and then Blynk.

Are you talking about the Raspberry Pi?



Well, that is pretty hard to believe, unless you have been playing with the libraries… (I’m talking about running BLYNK)
I have been using a WeMos D1 (NodeMCU), and the problem is that Cayenne has some server addresses out of date. There are a couple of phyton files with Cayenne that references the blynk’s cloud servers… So it is not possible to connect with the current servers (blynk-cloud.Com), because blynk sketches tries to connect with wrong server’s address.
I would not label this thread as “solved”.
I don’t get why cayenne, a platform almost identical to Blynk has to include OUTDATED libraries of another external platform…


You are talking about Python, so I can assume you are using this on the Pi. I am running both libraries on the Android version with no issues.

The Pi is much more integrated as it runs an OS. I am not surprised you are having incompatibility issues.

For Pi, I suggest you have a couple SD cards and run separate images, and as @rob stated, in the future Cayenne will not be referencing Blynk.



No, I’m not using Pi, I am using WeMos, ESP8266, on latest Arduino IDE.
And don’t know if Cayenne is using those wrong addresses in other places, but I know I found them at least in 2 phyton files inside cayenne 's folders…

Thank you for alerting us to it. Can you share the specific files/their location so I can investigate and make schedule a bugfix if this is breaking Cayenne on its own? Even if its just the two you’re aware of. If it’s the same wrong address I should be able to search for the rest.