Support for Arduino Zero and MKR1000

I can’t fit the libraries for Cayenne, BME280, Adafruit Sensors, SPI, and Wire onto the Uno. I still hit 113% after cutting a bunch of cool things. Please support the Zero and mkr1000 boards. I love this program, but I need more space to really use it. Any idea if this hardware support is on the way? Thanks.

I don’t know why the zero isn’t supported. When I get some time, I’m going to play with it and see. My first gen Pi runs Cayenne just fine, so I can’t see why the Zero would have any difficulty - especially now that Jessie Lite is supported.

The MKR1000 board should be supported soon as the Blynk libraries now support it. You’d simply include BlynkSimpleMKR1000.h instead.

I’d get it going for you, but I do not have one.


I think he is talking about an Arduino Zero-

In the chance he is talking about a Pi Zero, you are correct, no troubles at all running Cayenne on a Pi Zero. I’ve been doing it consistently since March, see my fish tank project.


@Ian sweet. Is it officially supported?

Looks like the Arduino Zero is also supported by Blynk, so Cayenne should be able to roll with that too.

Thank you for replying. Yes, I am referring to the new Arduinos and not the Pi. The problem with the older Arduino models is that they do not have enough space for the commonly used libraries PLUS the Cayenne library. The Arduino Zero is not currently compatible with Cayenne. I tried a few times using different hardware profiles. How do I use the Blynk library with Cayenne? How are these apps related. Thanks for any help.

The Blynk library is open source and actually integrated with the Arduino Cayenne library.

The MKR1000 was added recently and Cayenne may not have upgraded yet. I’ll take a look tonight when I get home and see if these headers are in the current Cayenne package. If not, we’ll have to wait for support.



I don’t know if the Pi Zero is “officially” supported or not. Cayenne behaves the same on my Pi2b, Pi3b, and PiZero’s.


If someone wants to send me Arduino Zero and MKR1000 boards, I’ll see if I can’t make them work.

It’s tough to order stuff in Canada without paying duties and shipping through the nose.


I’ll get you guys these boards :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Bestes! I would easily give up an Uno for the cause, but it took me a long time to get the Zero in my possession, and it was relatively expensive with the Wifi 101 shield. The MKR1000 is the same as that combo at a fraction of the price, but I do not have one yet. Sorry I can’t be more help.

So I did some playing tonight, looking over the latest Blynk libraries and comparing them to what is in Cayenne.

I think if you do the following, you can compile to work with the MKR1000:

  1. Copy the attached files to C:\Users\kregg\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne directory - replace kregg with your own user folder of course.
  2. Set your view to show file name extensions, and change the extensions to .h.
  3. Go ahead and create a sketch with the Wifi101 shield.
  4. Now change the include reference CayenneWiFi101.h to CayenneMKR1000.h.
  5. Make sure you install the WiFi101 library and include it in your sketch.
  6. Make sure you have the right target board selected.
  7. Compile.

This should work, but I have no way to test, so let me know.

Mmmmmkay. Thanks,


BlynkSimpleMKR1000.log (422 Bytes)
CayenneMKR1000.log (1.3 KB)


@bestes @rsiegel @carrmar, I can confirm that the MKR1000 works just fine with Cayenne using the header files created above.




How about the Arduino Zero? It doesn’t seem to work. Am I missing something?

I’ll let you know. My internet is tortuously slow right now and I need it to install the jtag driver to get the zero to program.

Did you follow this guide?


@carrmar @kreggly I have got the zero working and the M0 working, so I confirm. :slight_smile:

Woohoo! I have some here, I will try this out soon.


For the M0, you need the IDE, or you need some external tools to programming it, I’ve been reading.

Anyone know if both IDEs can run on the same PC?

Oops yeah forgot to mention I was using .ORG IDE…

I heard from QA team about issues with both IDEs, though I’ve not tried myself.


Just letting you know, I changed this topic to the ‘Ideas / Suggestions’ category, so I can track on my roadmap to update Cayenne with UI support.


Yeah, I realize I sound like a newb, but I know how to use the Arduino IDE. Following the same the instructions mentioned above I can’t get the Zero working. Thanks.