Conditional triggers with sensor value

Hi, i want to generate triggers depending on the value, for example:
if the temperature is greater than 35 than air condition is high.

I have seen posts from 2017 … but i dont know if this issue is already resolved actually.


you want to consider two if conditions?

I dont undestand your answer. What do you mean?

what you mean by this ?

I need to create a trigger with logical conditions?
For example;
if temperature > 35 then led is on

I dont find in the trigger tool any conditional functions and neither in the App for IOS

you can do that simply by adding a new trigger on cayenne dashboard.

I mean the function > or <, there is only available ==
And why is the max value 20? I change to100 (max) and after saving, i look at the value and is always 20 (max)

isn’t > same as sensor above and < same a sensor below

Are you referring to web dashboard or app? on web there is no such issue. Are you using the correct data type for your sensor type.

To the web dashboard. (the ios app does not show any trigger function)
I mean it seems to reset the values (20) after saving the trigger. If I look again after saving the values (max 100 for example) it shows again 20, it is normal?
What does the field Step means?


can you PM me the email_id used to login.

thanks! the trigger works but you have to look at the “save values” because when you enter again the values showed are being reset.

can you PM me your email_id so I can test it.

can you share the code used for your device?

The step is the increments for the slider. If you set to 5 your options would be 0, 5, 10, 15, etc.

Do you have any ad blocking software installed? The triggers seem to work ok for me.

@adam he is referring to max value. it seems it cant be changed. we are looking into this issue, not sure how it is produced, but two users have reported the same issue.

Hmm I just tested adding a new trigger and it let me save with a value of 415. @wallcientec what kind of widget are you using? Is it analog?

i also tried reproducing the same at my end, but can’t reproduce the issue.