Conflict with DevEUI

I have a Dragino Technology LT-33222-L which also provides data to TTN, when I set up the device at Cayenne it reports Please fix the following errors:
this conflict comes from the DevEUI but I copied it in the Device Overview of TTN, here the sensor also works and provides data what can I do?

see if the device with same EUI is not added in your dashboard or some one else. If it is a new device then wait for some time and try again.

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thanks for the quick answer, I only have one device in the system and that has a completely different DevEUI I had already created the device with this DevEUI and deleted it yesterday, I think I just have to wait until the system is ready again thanks a lot for your answer

did you try adding again?

yes a minute ago it still doesn’t work :frowning:

can you private message me the devEui and your cayenne account id.

thank you Shramik salgaonkar for your patience and your kind help!