Adding device again does not work

I’ve created a device with correct DevEUI but wrong type. After I recognized that it I’ve removed it. Unfortunately I am currently not able to add a a device with same DevEUI again. The error ‘conflict’ is shown. No other device is listed!?
I am using a Swisscom TUINO 1.

Could you help?

can you try now?

Same problem here, removed a device and trying to add it again keeps giving errors. (removed account, etc etc. Still getting Please fix the following errors: * Conflict)

can you PM me your email_id and DevEUI

I have the same problem and searching the forum suggests that it is a long running issue.

I added the incorrect device with my Device EUI. I then deleted it and tried to add the right device type “CayenneLLP” with my Device EUI and I get the “Conflict” error message.

Is there a right way to get passed this or do I need to submit the Device EUI so that a human can fix it up.


can you try now and let me know.

Thank you that works fine and I am now receiving my data in the dashboard.

Is this an issue with the site that will be fixed or will it always require manual intervention?

Thanks again

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the deleted device data is stored in the cache and are deleted after some time (the time varies). which causes this issue.