Connect Arduino to Cayenne via GSM/Cellular Shield



We are looking to connect our Arduino board to Cayenne, but instead of using the traditional Ethernet or WiFi shield we are using a GSM cellular shield. We have attached the FONA 800 shield from Adafruit and have been successful in establishing a network connection. Since this board is connected to the internet, it seems as though it is possible to connect to Cayenne as a “Bring Your Own Thing” device with the MQTT client. However, we haven’t been able to find any documentation on doing something similar or on how to adapt the code to fit this shield (all the existing code seems to be targeted only for specific ethernet and WiFi shields).

If anyone might have any guidance on this, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Hello Sir,
Here you can see the code for manual connection with Cayenne. I hope you can modify it and connect. I am trying to use Xbee but now I don’t have success.

Best Wishes.


Were you able to have success with that code to connect it via the cellular shield?