GSM signal

Is there a way to use an arduino with a cellular GSM shield to upload data to Cayenne?

Right now there is no official support. What shield are you using? I found this tutorial, maybe it will help you? I have a GSM shield I got from RadioShack for dirt cheap when they closed up but never used it and don’t have a sim card for it…

I ordered a Adafruit FONA 800 Shield last week and have been looking for a online data service that I can upload the data to. building a temperature monitor that I need to be independent from the building internet otherwise I would just use the wifi or eithernet.

Good news for you, there is actually an MQTT library for that shield so you can use Caynne if you connect via MQTT. You’ll have to send data manually as I don’t think the Cayenne MQTT library will work with the Adafruit one. You can see a project I made here that uses a generic library. Here is the Adafruit library.

Please let us know if you are able to get this working!