Connect to internet using GSM shield or USB 3g dongle


Can I connect the Rasberry pi to internet using USB dongle or through GPRS via GSM shield so that I can make the IoT product more portable ?


I am going this way for portable school tutes etc and demo purposes…

~ Andrew


If you get one to work ( i havent tried yet ).
you should look into duck dns.
I’ve used this on a few linux boxes for ddns which would be what you would want to remotely ssh into the pi for future ease of use.


We use USB WiFi dongles in the office, so that is no problem at all. However, I have noticed that if the connection is poor, it can take some time for the commands (such as turning off a light) to go through. Haven’t tried GSM Shield, so you’ll have to let me know! As long as the Pi can connect to internet, shouldn’t be a problem.