Compatible GSM / GPRS Cell Modem Connection


Was great to see the welcome and start to some great tinkering adventures last night (nz time) . I hope to get into some serious testing out of low level peripherals from an educational angle as soon as I get back home from Dunedin which is the opposite end of the country at present. I have just been on teacher PLD courses in Christchurcn nz and seems I can not escape Dunedin until I have run a session around a kitchen table of inventors and creater space teacher types here in Dunedin ‘Gigatown’ NZ…

1/ is there compatibility within the release with something like this:
That would seem to me to solve my need for quick table top demo as well as provide a neat quick, one stop shop for single point / portable setup. Or just a recommended USB dongle for portability.

2/. How much are you comfortable with me sharing / showing off Cayenne to the general public os teasing them with the possibilities at this stage… Just thought it polite to ask.

As above, I look forward to blasing out some demo ideas at probably to lower level of hardware withh kids / Hour of Code here nz on 10th but have to drive a few days to get back to thee shed.

All the best for now

~ Andrew


Hi Andrew,

I wish you safe travels as you go throughout NZ.

1/. I’ll pass this question off to @eptak .

2/. Absolutely, go ahead and share myDevices Cayenne. I can even create an account for the people you want to share it with! …Let me know?




Hi Andrew, nice to see you there ! Your inputs are always valuable.

  1. That shield is not supported and not in the scope right now. Can you explain a bit more what you want to do with that ? If you want to get IP/remote access, I’m not sure it’s possible with that shields, but we could be able to drive call answer, composing number, or send SMS. About SMS notification, that will be part of a next big feature from Cayenne platform :smile:

  2. As Benny said, we’d like you to spread out and give us more feedback ! Just let Benny knows, he will manage invite process.


1/. Okay that particular shield was a bit over the top for what is needed but I was thinking of having an internet connection provided by a Huawei E303 USB 3g dongle or similar. This would help in remote situations but within Cell range. This is quite common and would be very typical in remote rural situations (20km to 50km) which would be typicaly the case in a lot of situations and most of nz rural areas. Even if it was not a full time link and somehow made the connection on some smart / polled basis. The reason I am thinking this was is the situation I am in at the moment traveling around by road a lot. This is getting a bit off topic as far as testing goes so I will just leave it for now. Treat this as just general information.


I think you can use a 3G USB adapter as long as you find a linux supported one and rely on linux TCP/IP stack to get your Pi connected onto the dashboard.


Look forward to this.
Got any more details re hardware model and a patch for the Pi ?
~ Andrew


I don’t get it ?!


Some cell phone modems will work with a Pi and some do not from what I have heard. I was just asking if anyone can recommend hardware and the Pi install part needed. A bit like this:

My idea is to use the cell modem approach if you could incorporate it in the devices some how or even if separate install is needed outside of Cayenne to provide an occasional connection to www via GSM cell network or even ‘ring up’ your Pi. There are a heap of situations where this is needed in semi rural areas around here where you have no physical or wifi network infrastructure such as farms, and semi mobile / fixed agriculture systems.
~ Andrew


OK, I see. No recommended hardware.
I concur to your requirements, need to backlog that and make some tries before making more comment on the availability.