Connection speed is bad even if hardwired

I am using a Pi 3 B+ and I have 1 single potentiometer on my dashboard and when I select “LIVE” it never ever updates and shows me what the potentiometer is doing. I have to click from Mins to Hours so it refreshes, then I can see the change that happened.
When I’m on wifi I only connect at 2.31mbps. when I’m pluged in to Ethernet line I’m still at 2.31. I find that hard to believe.
So I pull the plug while on line, with the wifi turned off, and sure enough it stops.

Is it possible there is a setting on the raspberry pi to increase speed…?

first of all, when you disconnect your pi from the internet how will it be able to send the data to cayenne?

are you referring to web dashboard or cayenne app?

My apologies. Yes I am using the desktop dashboard. and when I select the data to update live, and I move the potentiometer around, no data shows up. If i click back and forth from live to Min, it refreshes and I see the moment I just did on the potentiometer.

how have you connected your potentiometer to pi (circuit)?

Power to pot from ± legs and into channel 0. Is that what you are asking?


which ADC are you using?


It is a MCP3008.

when had you added the device?

Yes, I had the MCP3008 installed and wired up, then I add it to my dashboard. Is that what you are asking me?
Maybe remove and reinstall it on dashboard?
Thanks again for your help! I am really really excited about this technology. Once I get a feel for it I have all the confidence I will be out of your hair.

is it possible to delete the entire device and re-add it again?

also, i do see live data been populated on your channel 0 line chart widget.

How can you see that? I dont.


Ok! maybe we are figuring this out, because I dont see that.

So perhaps it is some refresh setting I need to adjust?

First try deleting the device and re-adding it. also disable all the other channel of MCP3008 which are not in use in cayenne_mcp3xxx.plugin

also in your image, i do see a blue line right at the bottom of the line chart.

Correct. It is there. But I move the potentiometer and the line doesn’t move.

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