High 3G usage with raspberry Pi

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Device : Raspberry Pi 3 → Spark MF65+ 3G hotspot

I have been working on a project for monitoring temp. Most of it is coming along very nicely apart from my 3G usage. I purchased a dongle/hotspot and have a python script writing data to cayenne every 20 seconds. I left the script running for about an hour and it used 59MBs… The plan was to leave it there to collect data for a week and theres no way that’ll last a week at the moment. I have called the ISP and they came back with not alot of helpful info ( will be re-contacting them tomorrow). Does anyone know if it is the constant connection to cayenne that drains data or maybe lowering the amount of data sent per hour would have to be the fix. Is it reasonable to close connection to cayenne after data has been sent and re open just before data is sent?

Any help would be appreciated


Hello Sir,
I use raspberry pi 3, but with wireless connection. I can measure my data transfer for a period so we can compare. How many sensors you have attached, so I reduce them to be as much as your configuration?


Thanks, that would be really good. I have 1 temperature sensor on it at the moment. I’m leaving it running over night, ill post up the usage in the morning.

So here are the results. This was with my program sending data once every ten minutes. I dont think the upload/download speed was that high all night, just spiked when i logged onto router.

It’s seems quite much.
Mine is offline from 2 days ago and tomorrow I will have access on it and will make the measurements. I think I have some power issues. Can you also make this for me:

Install nethogs with the following commang:

sudo apt-get install nethogs

sudo nethogs

Also you can use the program to measure different interfaces so:

sudo nethogs wlan0 if you use wifi :slight_smile:

So this is the real data transfer through your interfaces of the raspberry pi. If they look quite different, you can ask your provider what is going on :slight_smile: