Controlling Home Appliances, Temperature,Humidity and Heat Index Monitoring using Esp 8266 Node Mcu

About This Project

The device I made is capable of controlling 4 home appliances and can monitor temperature,humidity and Heat Index and update it to dashboard. From any where I can login to the dashboard to control the appliances and can see temperature levels in the room. The dashboard of cayenne is user friendly and easily understandable by everyone.

What’s Connected

Hardware I used are
Node MCU Esp8266
4 Channel Relay Board
Header Pins
DC Jack
DHT 11

Triggers & Alerts

In dashboard I used the switches to trigger the relays to turn on the appliances.

Dashboard Screenshots

Photos of the Project




Libraries attached here : Download
Code : Download
Complete project construction : Instructables


Cool project!

I do need to mention for anyone reading you should use caution when using those relays for appliances. They are only rated for 10A so just be careful about how much you are putting through them.

Also sometimes these relays remain “stick” (they simply do not power off due to sticking coil) and you could fire the house… so you should double them or thing about some kind of protection :slight_smile:

nice looking project!

Yes, the appliances must be with in 250v/10A


Yes , i faced this problem once before when I am try to drive a heavy load device.

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Thank you

What’s wrong? Thanks!

Looks like you’re using the wrong DHT library. I believe the Adafruit library has that function if you want to try it.

Great stuff!

Hey Adam, I tried the same code but my nodemcu esp8266 is connecting and disconnecting very fast (10 sec) continuously. It was good before, Why it is not working now?. Answer me fast I am making a project, I have less time to do.

This could be many things. First of all, can you share your code? Second of all check your wiring and that you are using a good quality power supply. Could also simply be a network error or over-congested wifi channel.

I created a new project and tried again, it is working fine. The old project is not working properly.
No problem now. Thanks for replying…

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