ESP8266 Lamp control, temperature & humidity with SHT10

About This Project

The purpose of this project is:

  • Control a room lamp by Cayenne Dashboard and local switch
  • Provide temperature and humidity using SHT10 module
  • Show lamp status in Cayenne (necessary because lamp may change its status through local switch)

What’s Connected

  • Cayenne Dashboard
  • Room Light,
  • Wall Switch
  • SHT10 as temperature and humidity sensor

Triggers & Alerts

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Dashboard Screenshots

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Very cool idea. How do you wire the SHT10 sensor and what kind of code do you use? Python?

Hi Ognqn. Tks.

SHT10 wire : + 3.3V, Gnd, data Pin Gpio 0, clock Pin Gpio 15
I have use C (Arduino IDE).

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Thank you very much for the fast responce!

Very nice project Rui Viana, congratulations :slight_smile:

Great project Rui! :heart_eyes:
I was looking for an application using SHT10 as I bought 2 of them last Year.
SHT10 module is really tiny, accurate, far better than DHT22 and cheap.
Best regards,

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Cool project @ruilviana ! Very practical.

Are you aware of the project contest going on right now?


where is the code for this project ?

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