CPU Temp, Network Speed, Processes

I am using Raspberry Pi 3
I make a new project and add the Raspberry Pi dashboard to the new project.

Is there anyway to add the CPU Temp, Network Speed and Processes Widgets to the new project dashboard?

Drag and drop your device to the new project and a window pops up to allow you to select the items you want on your new project.


I already try this approach. I am just showing the items as showed on the printscreen. No NetworkSpeed, CPU Temp or Processes


Maybe that’s something @bestes can shed light on. Could be that it was coded in as a function.

It is currently unavailable for projects, but I agree it should be available. I’ll change your thread to bugs.


It does appear to be a bug (or at least an oversight) that these 3 widgets are not available to add to your project on the web dashboard (or iOS).

However I’ve found that if you have an Android device, you can add these widgets to a project view OK, so this is a workaround until we get the other 2 platforms up to this functionality. In my test after the widget was added to a project view on Android, I had to refresh that project view on the web to see it, but it otherwise functioned well.

If you don’t have an Android I’d be happy to log into your account and add them to your project view as well. :slight_smile:

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Hello and thank you for your work around. I do have and I will test.

Thank you in advance.

I added CPU Temp and Network speed, but Processes Widget is missing.
Here is the screenshot: