Network Speed, Processes, CPU Temp

I’d like to see Network Speed, Processes, and CPU Temp from the android app in the web dashboard. Maybe be able to dismiss or minimize them as others haves suggested. Does the iOS version have any other secret widgets?

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Yep, we’re going to put those widgets in the dashboard too.

We’re going to give the ability to dismiss / minimize widget functionality, in the way of allowing you to create a custom dashboard(s) with whatever widgets you’d like to include, or not include. A more project centered way of organizing the dasbhoard, which will be even cooler when we start integrating more devices. First and foremost being Arduino, and then probably ESP8266. What do you think?

Hmm… no secret widgets that I’m aware of. And they’d be really secret if I didn’t know of them!



Sounds great, thanks.

This is implemented now :slight_smile:


You’ll need to reset your dashboard if trying to see it on an existing Pi. Newly installed Pi’s will have them by default.