Crazy notifications


Is the reading within the trigger condition?


i am using Arduino MKR1000 for my project.


The reading condition is normal since i have successful and i am sign in at Sept 2017 till to now.


Notification is set to report when temerature goes under 58C
Temperature is under 58c for more than a month since its monitoring heating system which is not curently in use (winter over)


If thats the case, then this is not a bug with triggers/notifications. If you are sending a reading every x seconds and that reading is below the set threshold of 58 C, then obviously you will be getting notifications. Now is a question of how many times you want to get notified when such conditions are met. Right now the default behavior is every time, however, we can add an option to notify once.


If you say so, during the winter same system was ok, i was geting 1 notification when change happens for over/under temperature, not on every value received by the dashboard that is under/over the trigger set value like it started 9 days ago, also system was off and had same 20c reading (under 58C trigger treshold) more than 2 weeks before this notifying started happening.

If new trigger system works like we previously reported, then enable us to set how many times notification is sent, because blacklisting email or marking it as spam from provider can easly happen.


Yes, Cayenne Team know this, an option will be updated on the trigger propriety to choose once or more notifications.
Thanks for patience :slightly_smiling_face:


Failure again - Triggering the SMS & Email alert now
it seem always happen… not reliable


@140526057 can you check the triggers now. There was a small bug with trigger engine and it has been solved now. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Noted with thanks.
Hope you continuous to improve
and make the world be better ^,^


they still do not work, I even deleted the triggers and created them again and nothing is a rasp 3


trigger engine is currently down due to some bugs reported.


Hi any update on the function to limit/control the amount of notifications on triggers? Does anyone have a workaround? I.e can we code in a notification?

It seems strange Cayenne has advanced trigger and notification options but doesn’t feature a control on how many are sent?


try this workaround, modify according to your code Sending a lot of SMS alert and email