Crazy notifications


Did someone say notifications dont work :rofl:
This is my inbox this morning, the funnyest thing is that event that triggers this notification occured 7 hours ago and sensor state did not change since then.


Thankfully I’m not the only one! 299 trigger notifications between 10:18 and 12:51 CDT. Only on 1 channel, it did have triggers and notification working. Chart shows it never happened.


@Agroelektronik @margettepv

Are you guys saying that you are getting notifications on a sensor/actuator that has not been changed? Would love to hear more so we can tweak it on our end.


Notification is set to send email when temperature goes under 60C, the last time that temperature treshold was hit is around 1am, i received that notification. Temperature did not change from then, no ups no downs.
Then system spamed my inbox 4 hours later.
As i can see every time a temperature data is send to dashboard i got email notification, send time from that device is 30seconds, and on every 30sec i got email that temperature droped bellow 60c.


Almost exactly like Agroelektronik. It is a working channel set for email notifications. Wired as an AC Power fail alarm. No detectable fails during that time, maybe a momentary set it off. The chart for that channel doesn’t show a failure. The emails sent did not have the same format as usual, labeled channel 14, but not with the text that normally goes with it. About 3 emails per minute. I did not receive any AC Power restore which is set up the same way. Only 2 of us had this problem?


And the crazynes continues starting 50min ago (12:00 UTC exactly), as i type emails keep coming.
Time to shut it down.


Thought this was an error on my side a while back untill I saw this post now

@Cayenne tech team: Please can we have an estimate on when triggers will be fully functional?


@shovelheadman @Agroelektronik @margettepv
Thanks for the feedback guys, we are rigorously fixing and tweaking a few of these use cases. We are undergoing an entire overhaul of the rules/triggers engine.


Hey @shovelheadman @Agroelektronik @margettepv

We applied some fixes to the notifications engine. Please let us know if you encounter any further issues.


I turned off notifications last night, after your post i turned it on again, no changes, after 12:00 UTC notifications go wild


I have now created similar notification for weather station, the notification did not exist until now, same thing happens. My weather station sends data on 60sec, and at that interval i get notifications to email from it.


@Agroelektronik I will PM you for more details.


I turned the triggers on today at 8:05 CDT and in 4 minutes I received 15 emails. It sends out multiple messages on every 30 sec loop of the ESP8266. The trigger counts are much higher than the number of emails, you must have some sort of rate limiting on them. As before, these are not the format of the “real” email notification. I think something is still broke.
ps: I just noticed these are from Cayenne instead of MyDevices.


@asanchezdelc @eptak
I still have my triggers turned off. Let me know when you need things checked again. :zap:


@margettepv team will announce once a stable version of a trigger engine is released and that shalll be very soon, so hold on.


@asanchezdelc - I had stopped development for a whie awaiting trigger fix since most of my current and planned projects rely on this feature. I had left my triggers active but had not been flooded as other users - recently I switched one trigger off and just back on. The flood came through untill I disabled. Reactivated yesterday again and woke to 300 TXT messages this morning. I know you don’t have ETA but please could you inform forum of development changes as they happen and intended change result? Thanks



I PM’ed you for more details on your use case. We want to understand your rule condition. We did release new code for the triggers engine. I want to make sure current rules behave normal because we are going to do a bigger release for triggers very soon. Here’s whats coming:

  • Multiple Conditions AND/OR from different sensors and/or devices
  • Trigger on numbers of readings, For example, alert me only after “x” consecutive readings
  • Binary state condition and duration. For example, alert me if condition is at “x” for x consecutive minutes
  • Multiple actions & notifications
  • 3rd party integrations such as Slack, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Webhooks

This is all supported as we speak, however, we are revamping the UI.


I just turned notifications on to test, and still the same, every time reading is sent to dashboard, i get notification.


I also face this problem for a long time.
The triggering function is one of the important consideration that i choose which mqtt server for my project initially. it is a good function compare with “thinkspeak”, “” …and i am very appreciate
However, Recently, i feel that the of functions of SMS and Email triggering was always malfunction(the SMS & email get lose) or Seem to be the topic “Crazy notification” that all the triggering message will received at the next few hours or next few day and the always delay when i upload my data …
Would you have any ideas to improve the situation?


on wich Board : Arduino or Raspberry ?