Trigger working?

Hey everyone!

Since one week and the Things Network Conference in Amsterdam, I try to have notifications if my temperature sensor is under 1°C… (I have data on cayenne)
I try it directly with the guy from Cayenne in Amsterdam, but we never succeeded… He said me that maybe server notifications doesn’t work…

I would be know if someone have same issue or for you, everything seems good!
I try to notify just an email. It’s not a bug with my phone number.
Even if temperature goes down, i never see the trigger running…

He said me that this bug will be correct at the beginning of this week.

Thanks a lot for your help!


I use device with Cayenne LPP from Things Network.

There is a known bug on triggers, @adam confirmed in another post that they’re working on this and a solution will be applied in a few weeks

I look forward for this, it’s a vital function for automation and Cayenne is tooooo cool to abandon it :slight_smile: