Creation timed contact and problem with gpio at restart

Hello everyone, I’m new on forume, since yesterday are a user of cayenne.
I expose my questions / problems:
-it is possible, set a timer for closing / opening of a contact? in many applications, much more simple you can do, to have the possibility to control relay switches (already present in my electrical system)! I now set for the if-then system (if A on - then A off), but before the contact, various status, there is a bit of time and then the coil remains for a long time under tension!
-another problem I found is, the change of state of the GPIO to restart the raspberry, very troublesome thing, because every time I restart the card, I find myself all the house lights turned on and the control relay under tension.
Thank you very much in advance for your answers.


Welcome to the Cayenne community!

There has been some discussion here on similar situations-

Again welcome,

73 de KB0HKY


Hello Ian
Thank you very much for your response!
-From what I read around the comunity, I notice that the timer is a matter already addressed, and that we think will be the subject of future updates!
-About the bug on restart of the raspberry, I have read that this is also in development, but there is a possibility to change the states of default by editing a document, but I have not well understood, how and where!

73 de IT9EXE

If you read this you will understand