Dashboard seems to be useless

Pi 3 Model B
Rasbian 8(debian)

So, I installed everything according to your directions. I open up the dashboard, either on the web or on Android. It sees my Pi. It may get a couple of readings, i.e. CPU, Network, etc. Then, when I want to do something, say add a relay, I get connection errors. When I want to change a GPU pin from input to output, I get “Error sending command.” I have restarted my Pi no less than 15 times so far. I am absolutely getting frustrated here. I don’t know if this issue is stated in another thread because there are way too many threads to read.

When you are getting the error messages do you see the Pi as online on the left side of the dashboard? Also, what is the rating of your power supply?

Not sure if this indicates if it is online or not.

Yes, lit up red indicates that it is online. It will be grey if it is offline. Are you connecting with wireless or wired?

I have both wireless and wired hooked up. The wired is on a different router.
And my power supply is 5v 2A

Try with only the wired hooked up for now, does that change anything?

No, it does not change anything.

Now it says that I am offline after I had to shut down to look at the power supply then reboot.

I have even tried port forwarding for port 22. Not working.

The agent actually doesn’t use port 22, it’s 8181. Have a look here if you are having offline problems now.

So, I’ve gone through all of that. Fixed a couple of issues. Still having problems. I get connected on the Android app, then it just disconnects. I get an error that says “Can not connect to remote device.” It seems to be a very unstable connection. Note: I have connected with my phone using both WiFi and mobile data. On the web dashboard, I can’t ever seem to send any commands. I can see changes I made through the Android app, when it is connected, but I cannot make any changes on the web dashboard.

Ok, so when I run the sudo netstat -natp | grep -i established command a couple of times within a few minutes, this is what I get. It seems that my connection is bouncing between a couple of your servers. Is this on my end? If so, is there a way to prevent it since this seems to aid in dropping my connection?

I can tell you that the Android client will connect locally if the Pi is available and on the same WAP, so test that out and see if you are getting a local connection. Other than that, that’s above what I can troubleshoot. @bestes @rsiegel any suggestions?

Sorry for the late response here. As far as the Android app, in the past we’ve seen that it can occasionally get into a bad state which only seems to be resolved by Force Stop > clear App data/cache in the Android application manager. I hope this is not re-occuring but might be worth a shot here.