Dashboard Slider issues

I am running into a couple of dashboard issues.

First involves sliders - where a slider has been set to a value and then randomly resets to the zero value at some point. Dashboard is being accessed via numerous browsers and mobile devices. A nice feature for the slider may be the ability to LOCK the slider to stop inadvertant changes?

Second involves Projects - I had a project configured - then it just disappeared. I can create it again, but on log off/on or page refresh it just disappears again.

All of this is on Arduino platform

I seem to be having similar or same issue. I am on RPI

Yes - my “project” has been fine for ages then poof disappeared in the last day or so and cant recreate it

The slider issue seems to be a random ongoing thing

@tim2 @lacee Yep, we made an update yesterday and this bug was introduced. We have a fix in place and are waiting to deploy. Hang in there! You should still be able to control and monitor your devices from the device itself, just not the project view.


Cheers @bestes - just saw the other posts

Any hints on why I’m seeing sliders reset to zero randomly?

PS - I’m back on deck after a bit of a forced hiatus!

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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Yeah, glad to have you back!

Slider issue is known, we will be fixing as well here pretty soon. :slight_smile:


Cheers - slider issue is a bit annoying when you use it to preload a value and it keeps dropping to zero hahaha

a “Lock” on the slider would be good too…

100% agreed :slight_smile:

Hey @tim2 @lacee ,

The slider issue where it would revert to previous value should be fixed now. Let us know otherwise. Thanks!