Refreshing Web Dashboard causes sliders to read 0


I’m using an ESP8266 and the arduino library (not MQTT). If i position a slider and then hit F5, that slider then reverts to zero.



I am seeing the same issue. I have a slider that feeds a value to my ESP8266 for a timer/timeout function (1 to 120 min). If i login and browse to the device or project page the setting is as I left it, but if I hit refresh it goes to 0 even though the minimum value is set to 1.


Hi @andrewawise @germaine.williams,

I’m actually seeing this happen without even refreshing the dashboard, just waiting a few seconds. Can you confirm if your sliders are holding value if you don’t refresh? And what browser/OS you’re on?

Apologies for the trouble, I’ll log a bug with our development team


Yes, they do hold the value if I don’t refresh the page, and as a matter of fact I have had my browser open all day on my device page and it stays where I set it unless I refresh. I have only tried it with chrome on Win10. Oh, and I can confirm that this is not just a display thing because I see the value of the input change in my logs.



The values do hold if the page is not refreshed, closing the window and reopening it without logging off causes the sliders to default to zero as well as refreshing the page. However logging out and logging back in the values seem to hold.

The behaviour is consistent on Windows 10, Chrome and Edge browser.



@germaine.williams @andrewawise Hey guys, this issue should be fixed now. Let us know otherwise. Thanks!