Data Received by TTN but not by MyDevices

I’m using CayenneLPP class on an RAK811 with MBed code. TTN receives and decodes successfully.
I have added Cayenne integration with Porcess ID 677032b0-5c77-11e8-bcfb-4dffbccea8f6.
Device EUI is 353035304F376818. Payload is set to CayenneLPP.
I only get the GPS location, nothing else. Network type is set to TTN.
Any help appreciated.

HI @graeme.woollett !

Looks you added the device as a RAK811, so our system doesn’t expect cayenne lpp codec to be used.
Please remove and add the device back by selecting “Cayenne LPP” and it should be all good.



Thank you. Now works.

Thanks for the feedback, great to hear !
Have fun :slight_smile: