Bandwidth usage

I searched , but didnt find an answer , how much data is transferred between Cayenne and my Pi , if I do not log in to the interface , or use the mobile app ?

I dont need the info to be updated unless I log in , or its called upon .

I am on a monitored connection , (thanks monopoly ISP) , and I would really love to know this info …

Again , Im sorry if this has been posted and I couldnt find it , total noob here.

Welcome to cayenne!

What connection method are you using?

Sorry , I left home and could not log in from mobile , Im on DSL , if I understand the question correctly .

By connection method I meant how are you connecting to Cayenne: agent (install through mobile app or dashboard with invite code) or mqtt?

Ive installed it once via app and lastly dashboard , but I have not used mqtt , and probably wont use mqtt that I am aware of .