Daylight Saving Time in Europe and schedules

In Europe we have a weird DST change. This happened last weekend and the clock went 1 hour back.
One of my schedules just run but not on the expected but 1 hour earlier. Another schedule (5 minutes later) did not run but most likely the reason is this schedule was created today and running in proper time.
Both are setup with the default time zone but apparently that is not the same or depending on moment created

This is overlapping with 2 is a crowd for triggers were both schedules were tested this morning because I experienced the original was not running correctly.

So: How can we check in what our default time zone settting?

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I am tagging @rsiegel @bestes Maybe they can answer :slight_smile:

I’m 99% sure this is a Daylight Savings Time issue on our end with the European time change. I’d go ahead and re-create the event now that the changeover has passed, and we’ll investigate a proper fix (hopefully in time for the USA DST switchover this weekend!).


Hi @rsiegel thanks again for looking into this.

I have put for all schedules a notifications to see if the the schedules are running and at the proper time.

I notice in my test-schedule the schedules has not run poperly at least at :mantelpiece_clock: 09:00 and 09:30 CET today. Think I noticed they were working correctly yesterday :confused:. To be honest I have used the auth code in a different project, it has been offline for a while, edited the schedule settings without changing the startdate, but all things should not influence the schedules?

f.y.i. the two schedules in this project should run each hour (ON 01-29 minutes, OFF 30-59 minutes). Notifications are now added; first notification at 09:30 CET not received.

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