Schedule date problem

I live in Poland (UTC+1)

As you can see in a screen I cant add schedule hours according to my timezone.

Time I’m setting should be considered as My Local time, rigt?
And see what error do I get:

Hi again @mikolaj

Thank you for the detailed report. You should be able to use the “Timezone (Default)” menu option which will pull your computer time for the event you’re trying to create without the need to set it to your specific time zone.

While the above workaround should work for you, I think what you’ve pictured here is a bug (I can reproduce it for my time zone in the USA as well). I’m going to share with our development team to get a fix, or an explanation of why the dialog is behaving this way.

Thank you for quick response.
Yes it works in Default time zone.

20 lut 2017 21:47 “Rsiegel” napisał(a):

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