Daylight saving time


I have daylight saving time problem with my nodeMcu. Scheduling is still 1h forward…

I’m not sure if it’s still a bug or not but I remember a while back you have to select Timezone (default) and not the actual timezone you are in. Give that a try and let me know if it works. For reference: Scheduling for Arduino? - #4 by Tuclis

The DST issue should be squashed when we release our new Arduino scheduler (presumably before the autumn changeover!) In the meantime, it would likely be best to re-create your event for the current time.

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Some questions based upon this question:

Is there already a way to pick up the Cayenne (local) time and use it in your sketch.
(at the moment I am using a RTC calculated when DST kicks in, adjust, etc.)

Will improvements also includes the sunset/sunrise of location?

Will sunset/sunrise have a possibility for a offset so lamps for example can be switched 30 minutes after sunset.
(did find workarounds for these matters in a project but standard functionality would be welcome).

To solve this for now i have installed light sensors on my projects… But a Sunrise Sundown would be very welcome…

As we now have to check if it is between > and < time && sensor is on then Switch lights on…

@hallerhoek; I have tried a light sensor too but I find it difficult to avoid that my lights keeps continuously switching on/off.

BTW In my sketch I found already DIY-methods on things mentioned above DST/sunset/sunrise and even a variable offset for last two with a slider (need to wait till sliders are given proper values though) but the beauty of Cayenne is that you should be able to do those things without additional programming.