Daylight saving time



I have daylight saving time problem with my nodeMcu. Scheduling is still 1h forward…


I’m not sure if it’s still a bug or not but I remember a while back you have to select Timezone (default) and not the actual timezone you are in. Give that a try and let me know if it works. For reference: Scheduling for Arduino?


The DST issue should be squashed when we release our new Arduino scheduler (presumably before the autumn changeover!) In the meantime, it would likely be best to re-create your event for the current time.


Some questions based upon this question:

Is there already a way to pick up the Cayenne (local) time and use it in your sketch.
(at the moment I am using a RTC calculated when DST kicks in, adjust, etc.)

Will improvements also includes the sunset/sunrise of location?

Will sunset/sunrise have a possibility for a offset so lamps for example can be switched 30 minutes after sunset.
(did find workarounds for these matters in a project but standard functionality would be welcome).


To solve this for now i have installed light sensors on my projects… But a Sunrise Sundown would be very welcome…

As we now have to check if it is between > and < time && sensor is on then Switch lights on…


@hallerhoek; I have tried a light sensor too but I find it difficult to avoid that my lights keeps continuously switching on/off.

BTW In my sketch I found already DIY-methods on things mentioned above DST/sunset/sunrise and even a variable offset for last two with a slider (need to wait till sliders are given proper values though) but the beauty of Cayenne is that you should be able to do those things without additional programming.