Schedule removed but alert SMS is still coming every day


I have made a repeated schedule to test a pump for heating. In summer the pump wil run every day for 5 minutes. I have removed the schedule and the tricker for this but I still receive every day the alert SMS for this schedule. Any ID to resolve this?

H. Gouma The Netherlands.


Hi @henk.gouma, can you private message me (by clicking on my name on this post, then ‘Message’) your account email address, and the phone number that’s getting the unexpected SMS? This way we should be able to find them in our SMS queue and figure out whats going on.



Thanks for the quick response. My email address is <edited> and my phone number is <edited for privacy>.
I ‘m impressed about cayenne. How easy it is to make some stuff with iot arduino or a esp8266 and MQTT. I made some experimental solutions but as soon as possible I have my floorheathing pump up and running and then I make a definitive project of it. My sun heating system will follow’s.


With best regards,

Henk Gouma.


Thanks, I’m going to share this with the relevant people right away – hopefully I can get this resolved for you today, but in the worst case we should have it fixed by the USA daytime on Monday.


Hi, The Schedule runned at 12:00 local time is removed. Thanks. Can you also remove the schedule at 12:05 local time. (13:05 utc)
Thanks fit the Quick response.
Henk Gouma

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Hi again @henk.gouma, I’m going to send you a PM since the develop is looking for some private information to get to the bottom of this. Thanks.


Again both schedule’s run today. Onecht 12:00 and one at 12:05. Thanks for uour Information.

Henk Gouma

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