Problems after upgrade



  1. Cant log in forum with my apple app. Login Error. There is problem with your account. Please contact the sites administrator.

  2. Schedule not working. They turn On but not OFF. With old software it worked. Now if i change schedule… my Raspberry still does what it wants…

  3. Triggers not working. Before update they worked… Now i made new triggers but still nothing works…
    (Arduino Mega)

  4. ESP8266 does not send IR codes… if i press button in app, i can see in serial monitor that it sends command out, but something is wrong… With old software it worked…


Hi @kristo,

  1. Can you try logging out of Cayenne. Log back into Cayenne, then go to the Community and see if you can log in?

2 & 3. The schedule & triggers system is somewhat tied together & currently there’s a few known issues with the triggers system.

  1. Can you post the code you’re using for the ESP8266?




  1. Made this topic with work computer… Loging out and in again worked with my home computer but not with IOS. At least i can now post at home to :slight_smile:
    It is hard to contact administrator if you cant log in… or is there any other way to contact administrator?

2&3… So i cant change anything? Only wait for fix and till then turn OFF manually every day my triggers…?

  1. I have strange problem with IOS app… it shows 2x same device… and only one works… in Web browser… shows only one…as it should be.

ESP8266Vol2.txt (50.9 KB)


Hi @kristo,

  1. Is there anyway to force iOS web browser to go into “Desktop” view? If so, then you should be able to reach Once logged in, log out & log back in, then try the forum again.

2/3. Unfortunately, it seems like that is the case now. This fix is a high priority on our end, so we’re working non-stop to get it working.

  1. Thanks for the code. We will take a look.

  2. That is strange. What happens if you delete both devices, then re-add the Arduino?



Hi @kristo,

In efforts to help figure out your issues, can you try pushing a button through the app, let us know which button you pressed & send a screenshot of what you saw on the Serial Monitor output, so we can see if the Arduino reacted to the button press?

Also, can you add another print statement to show us what the value is of currentValue, before it hits those if statements?