Desktop projects drive UI for mobile app


First off, I want to thank the team (and contributors!) for developing this platform. It has been a fun experience thus far, and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

Admittedly, I am nothing more than a tinkering sort, lacking any professional training, and work in a field mostly unrelated to things of this sort…so forgive the naive suggestion if you will.

Would anyone else see value in having the desktop projects drive the dashboard UI for the mobile app? With the project driving the UI for the mobile app, it would allow display and interface with devices and widgets regardless of what the parent device is (similar to what the desktop projects do now), but without the need to device hop in the mobile app. This would also allow control of device/widget visibility in the mobile app. Adding project support to the mobile app would accomplish the same I feel, but driving the UI from the desktop dashboard would simplify things greatly.

Feedback welcomed!


I was thinking the other day it would be nice to have a project option on the phone. I currently have 4 RPi’s on the system and once we get Arduino support on Android, I’ll have 8 devices to page through.

Shorter answer: yes