Device is offline and I am an idiot

So I had to restart and reload my RaspberryPi, and now am having difficulty getting it online and accessible to Cayenne. I see the dashboard in my iPhone, and online in the browser, but can’t get it connected. I used to have it connected, but have a new service provider now too. (new ISP = new IP?)

Can someone walk me through this? I got it connected last time. But now am at a loss. Should I drop and reload Cayenne? Make a new account?

Any help appreciated!

Do you happen to have your installer code from when you installed last time? It’s part of the file name you downloaded I’m not sure if there is a way to recover if you don’t have it, might have to install as a new device. @rsiegel might have some options for you.

I think the install code should probably show up in the settings like it does for the Arduino token for cases like this.

Actually just found this thread Restore Config on Raspberry - #5 by willy Maybe try to install as a new pi and see what happens?

Ok, so I am getting ahead slowly. (I told you I was an idiot.) I am reloading it like it is a new Pi. It is asking for user name, password, and SSH. I am pretty sure SSH stands for Super Secret Hexadecimal Something or Other.

Anyways, what’s next.
I will not be offended if you talk to me like I am 10 years old and have no experience with any of this.

Thank you!

Hi @robertmenard63, no worries at all, we’re here to help.

It sounds like you’re re-installing through the mobile app, what it wants it the username / password / and SSH Port for your Pi so it can access it to run the installer. SSH stands for ‘secure shell’, which is just a way of communicating securely (encrypted) with your Pi.

On a default pi, the SSH Port is 22. ( and the default username is pi, and password is raspberry )

If that doesn’t work, just reply here, and I can walk you through the alternate method of installing (which is really just logging into your pi manually to do what the mobile app should be doing automatically).

Got it! Thanks folks!

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And yes, for anyone reading, while it wasn’t necessary in this case, you can find your Pi Invite code if you need to use it again with:

cat /etc/myDevices/AppSettings.ini

Hi, I`m new here. I have instaled 2017-04-10-raspbian-jessie.img, the Raspberry Pi is there, but it seems like there is an problem with Username or Password. Any other clue?

Hi @ntomasko8, welcome to the Cayenne Community.

Do you mean a problem with your Cayenne username password, or just to log onto the Pi? Since that sounds like a Raspbian image file name?

The default Raspberry Pi username/password is pi and raspberry (all lowercase).

If that’s not what you’re looking for, can you tell us a little more about what error you’re seeing?

Hi @rsiegel, it seems like i have problems with SSH username and password. I tried all, uppercase and lowercase letters. But every time it reports an incorrect password or user name or port. I try to reach it thru my cell phone.
I have mentioned only the image that i have loaded on SD card.

I had problems with SSH, which was defolt disabled. Now it works flawlessly.

How can I change the username and password?

Thank you!

Ah, good catch, yeah Raspbian has SSH disabled by default now for security reasons. So it makes it a little harder for our app to do an automated install.

If you want to change your Pi username and password, see this documentation.

If you want to change your Cayenne password, you can do so here:

If you want to change your Cayenne username (your email address), it is a little trickier. :slight_smile: Easiest to just make a new account with a new email address. But we can change it on our side if you’d prefer, I just need to ask our engineering team.

Hi, :blush:
As i got into my raspberry pi it reminded me to change username and password. So, that was what I thought.

Thank you!

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Is this problem with a new E-mail account still the same?
I changed from to and seem to have two accounts now. I cannot get rid of the old one, but have "my-devices "on the new one.
Can you look into this?


John Ostendorf

You want to delete the old account?
can you private message me the email_id.