Device "Sensing Labs Senlab THY-LAB-61NS" is not recongnized as temp & humidity device


Hi there,
I tried to add a new device such as “Sensing Labs Senlab THY-LAB-61NS” to my board.
When I select the device finding it in the category the “The Things Network” it can be chosen and the DevEUI can be inserted in the form.
The thing is that is will not be regnozised as a device measuring temperature and humidity. The only features I see with this device is its location.

Is there someone who can help me in this point. I assume that the device has been installed adding the wrong features to it “Sensing Labs Senlab THY-LAB-61NS”.

Thank you for any support.

Kind regards Frank


tagging @eptak fot this.


have you registered your device with TTN? if yes, then go ahead and add device to dashboard by filling all the detail. it should automatically add the temp and humidity widgets to the dashboard.


I believe this is a bug introduced with a recent update. We created a hotfix and we are testing. Should be up in a few hours.


@Dr.Frank can you remove and add the device again and check if it works now?



Yes I have registered these two devices in TTN. I also receive data packages from them. As “Payload formats” I have chosen Cayenne LPP. I think this is correct this way.


I did delete the device now and added it again. Instead of two locations I could now choose humidity instead at one of them.

On page 4 of the user guide it says for the Datalog that 3 types of measures are collected…
Battery level

To me it does not yet look okay. Maybe the mistake comes from my side?

Thanks for your further suggestions what to do.



ok, there seems to be ongoing issues, we are looking at them.