SenseCAP TH Sensor don't work

Hello everybody,
I tried to integrate my SenseCAP TH Sensors on cayenne via thethingsnetwork, but I can’t add the temperature and humidity widget. I have activated Webhooks on thethingsnetwork, but I am not receiving the data. Can anyone help me?
Thank you all.

can you private message me your DevEUI.

@shramik_salgaonkar at this moment my device is transmitting data, but when now the problem is another.
When I go to create the app, the air temperature value is not entered. Anyway I send you the EUI number in pm

what do you mean by this?

I create my New project and with drag and drop move my sensor, but is impossible to view Air Temperature

Pardon, air Humidity is not visible

Air Humidity has been added to the project dashbaord.

Now is ok, thank you. @shramik_salgaonkar what was the problem?

Had to remove the air humidity widget and auto re-add it on the next uplink.

Perfect, now it work.
Mr @shramik_salgaonkar I have another question for you.
Because I can’t download data device from shared Dashboard?
Have a link for Api GUide to downoad data devices?

Thank a lot.

Sorry, we don’t have API call to download data.

@shramik_salgaonka I have read data, temperature isn’t recorded, but is visible in dashboard.
What is the problem?

i dint understand what you mean by this.

Example, now I open my Overview device and there are this data value: Battery, Air temperature, Air Humidity, RSSI and SNR , but in data collection I have only saved Air Humidity, SNR, RSSI.

can you share a screenshot of what you mean


The value of Air Temperature and battery are not write in my data

are you referring to project history or the device data history?

the device data history

This is data from my device

But battery data isn0t in history device data for download

can you delete the battery widget and let it re-add on the next uplink.