Sensing Labs Sensor

Hi, I see that sensing labs sensors are mentioned in the post, but I cannot find them in the supported Hardware.
is there any chance that their LoRa devcies, that are able to buy on ThinkPark Market are able to join with MyDevices?

many thanks

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Hey @martin.kostial ,

We are in the process of integrating their sensors right now.

We will have them added to our UI early next week.



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Thats a great news, many thanks for your info and quick support.

have a nice week.

Hi Camrin,

I see the senors now available and I am able to add them and register.
I only don’t see any temperature. I see only tracking position which is hardcoded.
Is there anything I can tune?

Hey @martin.kostial

Which network server are you using? Please double check that the data is being forwarded from the network server to Cayenne. Check our docs section for more info.

We need to receive a packet of data before we can show any widgets (except for the map), so, depending on how often your device emits data, it might take a little bit for the for sensor readings to appear.

If you are sure that the data is being forwarded properly, can you please DM me your DevEUI so I can have a look?

Thanks for your message.
The problem I have is that I have now 2 active sensors that both go the same path through Actility, and I see messages for both sensors there. They are set with the same profile. But in MyDevices I see only one sensor, the second one not. I tried to delete and reedit the sensor, but no change. Is there anything I can tune perhaps?



LG | Martin

@martin.kostial please DM me the DevEUIs for your devices so I can check our logs.