Devices are offline, but still following schedules


I noticed my pi showing my two devices as offline the other day so i rebooted the pi and everything went was back to normal. That is until yesterday, in the morning i noticed my devices were offline but they were still following their schedules. I rebooted the pi and then i could connect from a web browser or the iOS app. It happened again tonight so im not sure what is going on. Any ideas?


The schedules will work while offline so that explains that part. I’m not sure why your pi would keep showing up as offline though. Are you out of disk space?


Nope, not out of disk space on the Pi, it’s currently showing that the RAM, Disk Space and CPU are all at 12%. This is happening on my Arduino Uno as well. It says its currently offline at the moment:

(Last known status: 16 hours ago (Jun 27, 2017, 6:24 pm)


Hi @c0lby,

Like @adam mentioned our scheduler will blindly send notification emails regardless of the state of the device or whether anything actually happened, so that part make sense to me. I’m troubleshooting some Pis showing as offline that really aren’t both on my own network, and with some users in this thread.

The next time you notice one in this state, could you try to SSH or otherwise access it and let me know if it otherwise has internet connectivity (like pinging Google or something like that). I’m curious to know if the Pi was actually offline or Cayenne is just incorrectly seeing it that way.


You bet, i will circle back if i see it happen again. It sounds like the user aicraga from the other thread is having the same issue.



Hey @c0lby,

We’ve done a few fixes to fix what you were experiencing earlier. Have you noticed any issues with your Pi going offline lately?




Hey @bestes ,
I haven’t had any issues lately with either the Pi or the Uno going offline, so whatever you guys did seemed to fix the issue.




Great to hear! Yep, we pushed a few fixes. Let us know if any other issues come up.

By the way, there’s a huge IoT contest going on right now if you’re interested :slight_smile:




You bet, I sure will!

Cool, I will check it out.