Grove Shields / Sensors

Hi - I’ve just registered with Cayenne and it looks like a great product. I’ve seen a few requests for utilising the Grove shields and sensors and I was wondering if this is something Cayenne are considering? My use case is for integration into some stealth home security where a Grove shield would be very convenient.

Hi @pl1 and welcome to the Cayenne Community!

Now that we have the Cayenne ‘Bring Your Own Thing’ MQTT API in place, so long as you’re able to access the data from the grove shield/sensor outside of Cayenne in your Arduino sketch code, you should be able to write code to interact sensors and actuators on it via MQTT.

If you look in the Arduino MQTT section, you can see an example where we connect an Arduino to Cayenne this way, and then interact with a sensor and actuator. You can extend on this example by plugging in your own readings/actuators from the grove shield.

We will keep the Grove Shield in consideration for future inclusion to the Cayenne UI, of course.

Actually is pretty easy with Bring your Own Thing, because groove sensors are no more that ordinary sensors for arduino that connect to e specific (more user friendly) shield. I also have a Groove starter kit, but I am using it with Node.js and intel :slight_smile: