DHT11, DHT22 Sensors


This sounds awesome @mat_oldaker.

How does MQTT handle security/encryption?



Along the same lines but probably easier to integrate would be the MAX31850. It connects to the 1wire bus and uses the same commands as the DS18B20. I’ve tried adding it manually using the unique serial number and it doesn’t report back a value.


Add me to the list of people wanting support for DHT11/22. I am building a small growbox and the BMP180 doesn’t provide humidity readings.


me also
i realy need the dht22 support


I´m also looking to build a small growbox, and its seems the DHT22 is the sensor I need! Please support it.

Also, where I can find a list with compatible sensors for cayenne?

Thank you for this great product! Nice job, keep going


It will be supported eventually. If you wanted to write a driver for it I can reach out to you and give you the documentation. We’re pretty full working on getting Arduino support out the door for the time being.

Here’s the current list:

Keep us updated with your growbox project!



@bestes : Do you have any timeline when DHT11 and DHT22 sensors will be supported on your IOT platform ?


It will be supported by Arduino once we release Arduino integration - beginning of June.

For Raspberry Pi, will take more time since we need to write the driver so it can be added to dashboard. We’re working on creating a much more stream lined process to add devices that aren’t currently supported. Bear with us!



add me to the list. I have a ds18b20 already on pin4 , can these co-existing with the dht22 after the driver is written correct?


Add me too. Have 5 DHT22 Sensors running currently.


Ah, this would be fantastic! I’ve just started playing around with Cayenne with the hope I could use my DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor, but it currently is not supported. It would be amazing if it could, soon, because there are some ideas I already have in mind.

PS - This sensor can be integrated with Beebotte.com - it’s more of a dashboard than anything, but I currently have it logging the temp and humidity of our office as the girls always say they are too cold when the air con comes on and it’s unbearable for us guys wearing shirts and troursers! Ha!


@mase.hacker @marthinus.swanepoel @raspberrycoulis Hang in there. This is by far the most asked for sensor to integrate so we are absolutely going to do it. It’s a matter of time.



I am interested on DHT11-22. Please give if possible a rough estimation on timeline. 1 month, 1 year?

Maybe this helps:

Thank you guys


I am also interested in using my DHT22 with Cayenne and Pi. Jumping on the bandwagon!



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Looks like @Ian got a DHT11 in Cayenne!

We’re still planning on integrating support for DHT11 and Raspberry Pi, but using an Arduino would be a work around until that happens :slight_smile:



Thanks Benny! Throw me under the bus :worried:.

Here’s the bottom line up front-
When it comes to code, I know just enough to be dangerous!
This is a conglomeration of the Adafruit DHT and Cayenne code.
I’m sure there is a better or more correct way to do it, regardless here it is-

DHT_Cay.txt (3.2 KB)



Wher is the file for Arduinoexample: dht_advanced_session_example
Arduino Beta Integration is Live!

I’m using Adafruit python library to read humidity and temperature with dht11 sensor then log to my own server. It’s lovely if dht11 is supported.


If I could read humanity, I would be far richer than I am now :wink:

It should be very readable. Get yourself one!


thank! edited!


You can do it with Arduino Dashboard values don't update